White Guilt Updated:
 A famous Hollywood studio owner from the 1930s once said : "If you want to destroy an enemy who is stronger than you, make your enemy want to destroy himself" 
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This website provides proof that the overwhelming majority of racism and hatred in America is directed against white Americans, especially white males.  The record below demonstrates just how pervasive and enduring white self-hatred is.  White Americans are obsessed with self-hatred and self-loathing.  They get a perverse and sick euphoria out of pursecuting themselves. 

Groups inflicting injustice on other groups is as old as human history but this is the first time in recorded history that the group being victimized and persecuted actually supports and celebrates their own persecution.  That is how twisted and sick America's white population has become.

Is it any wonder that America is in permanent decline?  A nation of people who hate what they are is a nation that is doomed to failure.  What we are witnessing is nothing less than national suicide on a massive scale as American citizens follow the mainstream media like blind mice right down a  rat hole.

The Loony American

09/28/16: "Kill white people" & "Black Lives Matter" spray-painted on walls and yards in Tampa

09/24/16: Media rushes to bury fact that Charlotte police officer in shooting is black

09/24/16: America : The 28th Greatest Nation on Earth (and falling . . .)

09/23/16: Black Lives Matter protestor: "The only good white man is a dead white man"

09/22/16: Teen sisters injured during Stockton Protest; Targeted because they are white

09/22/16: Massachusetts Supreme Court gives blacks green light to flee cops

09/22/16: White man dragged, beaten by blacks, begging for mercy

09/20/16: Cambridge University Student Threatened For Exposing Anti-White Secret Society

09/20/16: San Francisco State To Launch Afro-Themed Dorm Floors

09/18/16: Alexandria will seek to move Confederate statue and rename Jefferson Davis Highway

09/13/16: Black attempts murder of three police, Media ignores race, WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER

09/12/16: ASU hosted three events this weekend on white privilege and oppression

09/08/16: Cornell dean candidate criticized for pledging to help "all students"

09/08/16: San Francisco Board of Education wants George Washington banished!

09/02/16: UNL students restricted by new NONNEGOTIABLE ‘respect and diversity’ policy

09/02/16: Georgetown University to Give "Slave Descendants" PRIORITY for Admission

09/01/16: YouTube Declares War on Politically Incorrect Opinions

09/01/16: Rutgers: to avoid microaggressions, only speak when "necessary"

08/30/16: White Lives Matter Declared a "Hate Group"!!

08/30/16: Veterans Affairs quietly bans Confederate flag at cemeteries

08/30/16: White girl kidnapped, raped, killed by black. Media silent (WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER)

08/29/16: Travelers Rest High School bans American flag because it offends Hispanic students

08/24/16: State University of N.Y. (SUNY) offers "Stop White People" training

08/23/16: Men chant 'Black lives matter' before viciously attacking white victims (MEDIA SILENT)

08/23/16: California State University Fresno hosts blacks-only student retreat

08/22/16: University of Mississippi bans song 'Dixie,' from games

08/22/16: University of Wisconsin budgets $4 million for system-wide 'diversity program'

08/22/16: Vast majority of liberal Americans support a 'Black Only' 10% tax cut

08/18/16: University of Vermont to host whites-only student retreat on ‘white privilege’

08/18/16: Princeton University OUTLAWS the word 'Man'

08/15/16: Oregon State to force ‘social justice’ training (brainwashing) on freshmen

08/14/16: Video: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Rioters Target Whites For Beat Downs (MEDIA IGNORES)

08/11/16: CBS attacked for shows being 'too white'.  Executive repeats 'we need to do better'

08/10/16: Common Sense is DEAD in America . . .

08/10/16: Man Assaulted After Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ To Group At Bar

08/10/16: Historians ban 'all-male and all-white' panels at 2016 conference

08/10/16: Claremont college students refuse to live with whites

08/08/16: Moraine Valley Community College restricts sections of course to black students

08/05/16: NAACP upset over 'White Lives Matter' T-shirts

08/04/16: ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ insignia could now be punishable as racial harassment!!

07/31/16: Buffalo, N.Y. lawmakers FREAK OUT about 'White Lives Matter' rally

07/28/16: Democratic party celebrates black killers of white police - WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER

07/27/16: New Website Asks Whites to Pay Black People’s Rent to Relieve Their Guilt

07/27/16: Self-loathing whites offer to clean for & be shouted at by blacks to atone for slavery

07/26/16: Whites Ordered to Back of Crowd at DNC March (and they obediently comply)

07/18/16: Pin brained talking head Shepard Smith says 'All lives matter' is offensive!

07/14/16: Unarmed white man shot by police - MEDIA SILENT - WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER

07/14/16: Columbia, SC fires 3 firemen for Facebook posts against 'Black Lives Matter'

07/13/16: Singers Apologize For "All Lives Matter" Lyrics During All-Star Game National Anthem

07/13/16: White Woman Walks In Black Neighborhood with sign : "I’m Sorry Black America"

07/13/16: Purdue U. Student Who Criticized Black Lives Matter Faces Expulsion, Death Threats

07/11/16: Cincinnati U. now requires applicants pledge commitment to ‘diversity and inclusion’

07/10/16: Blacks are not disproportionately involved in police shootings

07/09/16: The false narrative about police killing blacks lead to the Dallas cop killings

07/09/16: Tennessee shooter targeted white victims - Media silent - WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER

07/08/16: After Dallas shooting Hillary Clinton calls on white people to change their ways!

07/08/16: Black Lives Matter protesters 'laughing and dancing' 'while officers mourn'

07/08/16: 'Black Power Group' kills 5 cops in Dallas.  Suspect 'wanted to kill white people'

07/07/16: White kid shot by police - you never heard about it - WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER

07/06/16: Judge: Punching a White Woman After Yelling ‘I Hate White People’ Not a Hate Crime

06/23/16: SUPREME COURT: RACIAL DISCRIMINATION IS LEGAL!  (as long as it's against Whites)

06/23/16: Liberal Success!!  Minority babies outnumber Whites in the US

06/22/16: Everyone in California government fights for their race (except white people)

06/20/16: Leftists “Not Sad” About 2-Year-Old Boy Killed by Alligator Because He’s White!

06/20/16: The Democrat War On Men: Why the left seeks to destroy America's families

06/14/16: U. of Wisconsin students to undergo MANDATORY Political Correctness training

06/13/16: Clinton State Dept. Blocked Probe into Orlando Killer's Mosque

06/08/16: United Church of Christ says all whites are racist!  (even Jesus?)

06/08/16: Straight White Men Banned From Equality Conference

06/06/16: OJ Simpson who was set free by a racist jury - now ready to confess to murders?

06/05/16: Muhammad Ali called white people "snakes".  We called him "The Greatest"

06/05/16: Salon : White America’s sad last stand  (AND WE DID THIS TO OURSELVES!!)

06/04/16: Black Muslim attacks white Trump Supporter - Media Ignores

06/03/16: Leaning from America? BBC rejecting work applicants because they are white

05/23/16: Racial Hoaxes : White people are the REAL victims

05/18/16: CBS put on defensive for new shows starring white males

05/15/16: CLARENCE THOMAS : 'World gone mad with political correctness'...

05/13/16: Susan Rice says the government 'reeks of too many white people'

05/09/16: Screwball Mayor Bill De Blasio blames Puerto Rico's money problems on racism!

04/29/16: California lawmakers reject 'John Wayne Day' as RACIST!

04/25/16: "An army of little girly men", the U.S. military goes 100% politically correct

04/20/16: Treasury replaces President Andrew Jackson on $20 bill with Harriet Tubman???

04/16/16: Clinton speech reeks of hatred toward white Americans (yet they still vote for her!)

04/15/16: Thousands of teachers flock to ‘White Privilege Conference’

04/12/16: Blacks are 13% of the population but commit over 50% of ALL homicides

04/12/16: Student beaten, bullied for being white - Media ignores - WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER

04/01/16: Villanova's Ryan Arcidiacono says he 'gets a lot of hate for being the white guy'

03/31/16: Library of Congress stops using 'Illegal Alien'; says it's a 'dehumanizing term'

03/21/16: America is rotting away under the overwhelming power of Political Correctness

03/16/16: Harvard students debate whether whites should kill themselves due to 'privilege'. . .

03/15/16: 'Where White People Meet' singled out for harassment

03/11/16: White residents of Gwinnett County, GA are 'appalled' at a pro-white rally

03/09/16: US Army Indoctrinated Soldiers on Dangers of ‘White Privilege’

03/07/16: Bernie Sanders says 'White people don't know poverty'

03/06/16: Bowdoin College goes berserk over political correctness (fighting over mini-sombreros)

03/05/16: Brig. Gen. Christopher M. Short upset that pilots of the Thunderbirds are "too white"

02/27/16: Black gunman kills 3 white people, injures 14 others (but it's not racism . . .)

02/26/16: Black youths attack white Marine. MEDIA IGNORES! (WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER)

02/25/16: HARVARD Drops 'House Master' Title . . . (IT'S RACIST!!!)

02/25/16: Comedy Fest Charging More For Straight European-American Men . . .

02/25/16: Zuckerberg blasts employees for replacing 'black lives matter' with 'all lives matter'




How You Became A Sucker

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James [Donald James Wheal, UK, 1931-2008]

Those who control Hollywood have long been familiar with the academic studies showing the effects of their productions on the minds of American children and the power they have to "program" American children (and later, American adults) to accept the political views and social values they choose.  This has been a major force behind the creation of Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and other TV and movies directed toward children.  This is the primary reason you have the social values and political beliefs you hold today (even though you firmly believe they are your own).  For example:

Social Psychology
By Dr. Graham M. Vaughan and Dr. Michael A. Hogg (2014), Page 158

Mass Media

The mass media have a major influence on attitudes, and there is little question that visual media, in particular television, play an important part in attitude formation in children, especially when attitudes are not strongly held (Goldberg & Gorn, 1974). A study by Chaffee, Jackson-Beeck, Durall & Wilson (1977) showed that, before age seven American children got most of their political information from television and that this affected their views on politics and political institutions (Arkin, 1977; Rubin, 1978).

Step 1) The powers that control Disney channel, Nickelodeon, and other children's TV taught you that you were inherently evil because you are white and all other races are better than you; smarter, funnier, more moral, etc.  You learned that TV was the ultimate power in the world; more powerful than your parents, the church or anything else.  You learned that in order to receive love and acceptance you had to hate your own kind.  Having very little innate character or courage yourself, you readily accepted what they taught you and adopted it as your own value system, as the owners of the media knew you would.

Step 2) In school, on TV, in the movies, etc. you were told that you deserved punishment because white people (especially white males) are the most evil people who have ever existed.

Step 3) After a lifetime of beratement and criticism by fellow white Americans you are now beginning to understand how evil you are and why you should be discriminated against in everything from school admissions to hiring, promotions, legal protections and everything else in society.  There is even a pretty name for it.  It's called "Affirmative Action."

Step 4) In your career your company won't let you rest.  You are constantly subjected to "training", "classes" and "required reading" telling you that you are naturally evil, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. and if you dare say anything that challenges that judgement you will be IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED!

Step 5) Congratulations!  You are now a certified American self-hating, self-loathing white citizen.  You are now in a position to guide the next generation toward this awareness that you have been so blessed with.  You realize it is your duty to not only carry on the salf-hatred but to find ever more radical and extreme actions to take in furthering the goal of destroying your own kind.