White Guilt Updated:
 A famous Hollywood studio owner from the 1930s once said : "If you want to destroy an enemy who is stronger than you, make your enemy want to destroy himself" 
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This website provides proof that the overwhelming majority of racism and hatred in America is directed against white Americans, especially white males.  The record below demonstrates just how pervasive and enduring white self-hatred is.  White Americans are obsessed with self-hatred and self-loathing.  They get a perverse and sick euphoria out of pursecuting themselves. 

Groups inflicting injustice on other groups is as old as human history but this is the first time in recorded history that the group being victimized and persecuted actually supports and celebrates their own persecution.  That is how twisted and sick America's white population has become.

Is it any wonder that America is in permanent decline?  A nation of people who hate what they are is a nation that is doomed to failure.  What we are witnessing is nothing less than national suicide on a massive scale as American citizens follow the mainstream media like blind mice right down a  rat hole.

The Loony American

02/24/16: School districts spending millions on ‘white privilege’ training

02/14/16: White students undergo ‘deconstructing whiteness’ program at Northwestern University

02/14/16: Meryl Streep blasts 'white male' studio board rooms over 'diversity'

02/13/16: Liberal intolerance surging on America’s college campuses

02/12/16: Media ingnores Black on White crimes again (WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER)

02/10/16: San Diego threatens to fire city employees for using the phrase 'Founding Fathers'

02/10/16: Glen Allen High School in VA forces students to watch 'White Guilt' video

02/09/16: Status of America's Anti European-American discrimination system

01/27/16: Students nation-wide attend four-day, university funded white privilege conference

01/23/16: Affirmative Action: White people have least the hope for "The American Dream"

01/22/16: Academy Unveils Dramatic Changes to Promote anti-White policies

01/18/16: Portland Community College to devote an entire month to 'whiteness' shaming

01/17/16: The roots of Black Lives Matter unveiled

01/13/16: Penn State tells students to report microaggressions to administrators

01/12/16: CBS Mandates New 'NANCY DREW' Be Nonwhite...

01/04/16: Hollywood in a panic that Oscar acting awards might be "too white"

12/28/15: Actor Samuel L. Jackson 'really wanted' San Bernardino terrorists to be white

12/22/15: Students Sign Petition to Ban 'Racist' Song 'White Christmas' from Radio

12/19/15: Wacky students at Oberlin College offended by lack of fried chicken!

12/19/15: Excessive political correctness at universities 'killing free speech'...

12/13/15: 'Black Vitimization' hoaxes continue ununabated

12/12/15: The University of Maryland insists illegals be referred to as 'Citizens'

12/12/15: Universities come unhinged over 'White' Student Unions

12/09/15: Students Demand 'Lynch Hall' Be Renamed Citing Racial Overtones

12/03/15: Suspicious neighbor didn't report San Bernardino terrorist - Feared being called RACIST

12/02/15: Privileged, wealthy white Harvard students march in support of black power

11/27/15: Studio director apologizes for "Mostly White Cast": ‘We failed our own standards'

11/26/15: Black gunman "targets white women". MEDIA SILENT! (WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER)

11/25/15: Officer removed after Twitter message critical of "Black Lives Matter"

11/25/15: Brown University will spend $100 million to address "racism on campus"

11/24/15: Framingham State University panics at the site of the Confederate flag!

11/24/15: High school cheerleader banned for season after tweet about illegal aliens

11/23/15: Hallelujah!  White Christians no longer a majority in America

11/23/15: University yoga class suspended over cultural sensitivity dispute

11/22/15: U.S. Labor Department bans Redskins jerseys

11/22/15: Poll: 40 Percent Of Millennials Want Speech Censored if it offends minorities

11/20/15: PRINCETON Considers Erasing Woodrow Wilson's Name...

11/20/15: No 'safe space' for white student who believes 'all lives matter'



How You Became A Sucker

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James [Donald James Wheal, UK, 1931-2008]

Those who control Hollywood have long been familiar with the academic studies showing the effects of their productions on the minds of American children and the power they have to "program" American children (and later, American adults) to accept the political views and social values they choose.  This has been a major force behind the creation of Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and other TV and movies directed toward children.  This is the primary reason you have the social values and political beliefs you hold today (even though you firmly believe they are your own).  For example:

Social Psychology
By Dr. Graham M. Vaughan and Dr. Michael A. Hogg (2014), Page 158

Mass Media

The mass media have a major influence on attitudes, and there is little question that visual media, in particular television, play an important part in attitude formation in children, especially when attitudes are not strongly held (Goldberg & Gorn, 1974). A study by Chaffee, Jackson-Beeck, Durall & Wilson (1977) showed that, before age seven American children got most of their political information from television and that this affected their views on politics and political institutions (Arkin, 1977; Rubin, 1978).

Step 1) The powers that control Disney channel, Nickelodeon, and other children's TV taught you that you were inherently evil because you are white and all other races are better than you; smarter, funnier, more moral, etc.  You learned that TV was the ultimate power in the world; more powerful than your parents, the church or anything else.  You learned that in order to receive love and acceptance you had to hate your own kind.  Having very little innate character or courage yourself, you readily accepted what they taught you and adopted it as your own value system, as the owners of the media knew you would.

Step 2) In school, on TV, in the movies, etc. you were told that you deserved punishment because white people (especially white males) are the most evil people who have ever existed.

Step 3) After a lifetime of beratement and criticism by fellow white Americans you are now beginning to understand how evil you are and why you should be discriminated against in everything from school admissions to hiring, promotions, legal protections and everything else in society.  There is even a pretty name for it.  It's called "Affirmative Action."

Step 4) In your career your company won't let you rest.  You are constantly subjected to "training", "classes" and "required reading" telling you that you are naturally evil, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. and if you dare say anything that challenges that judgement you will be IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED!

Step 5) Congratulations!  You are now a certified American self-hating, self-loathing white citizen.  You are now in a position to guide the next generation toward this awareness that you have been so blessed with.  You realize it is your duty to not only carry on the salf-hatred but to find ever more radical and extreme actions to take in furthering the goal of destroying your own kind.